Our Process

Our Process

For more than 40 years our proven financial planning model has been delivering solutions that focus on our client’s individual circumstances, needs and goals.

Our aim at Investment & Financial Planning is to provide personalised and professional advice, based on a highly consultative approach with our clients. We see each client relationship to be a partnership and your future prosperity and financial security to be our fundamental focus.

We provide advice to a wide range of clients throughout different stages of life, with differing objectives and goals. Utilising decades of experience, our advisers have specialist experience in all areas of financial planning and are well equipped to structure comprehensive and effective strategies specific to your circumstances.

Delivering quality trusted advice every step of the way

Our 5 step consulting process is intended to take our clients on a journey of education and empowerment to allow them to make informed choices regarding their financial future.

Our 5 Step Process

Step 1

Initial Complimentary Consultation

Our initial consultation is crucial as it allows us to discover your current financial situation, identify your needs and establish your vision for your future. We also endeavour to understand what financial success means to you, your goals, motivations and values which will assist us to begin formulating a plan that will help you achieve them.

Step 2

Strategy Development

Utilising decades of advisory expertise and experience we carefully assess the information gathered at the initial consultation to craft the comprehensive advice strategy which aims to achieve your uniquely individual financial and lifestyle needs and objectives. We will also take you through our financial projections to illustrate how the chosen strategies will assist you to ultimately achieve your short, medium and long-term financial and lifestyle goals.

Step 3

Plan Presentation

At this stage we take the time to present our advice strategy which has been carefully constructed to achieve your goals and objectives. We will discuss all our recommended strategies and explain what can be complex concepts and industry jargon in a simple and uncomplicated manner leaving you confident and satisfied moving forward.

Step 4


Once an optimal course of action has been agreed upon we will begin the process of executing our proposed advice strategy. Our goal is to make this part of the advice process as simple and straightforward as possible for you whilst keeping you informed of the progress and answer any questions along the way.

Step 5

Ongoing Management & Review

Our commitment is to provide ongoing advice and management of your strategy, including regular performance reporting, communication about investment markets and maintenance of your investment portfolio and insurance coverage to ensure that your strategy remains relevant and on track.

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